In most cases the difficulty and the extensive knowledge and experience required in setting up a molecular diagnostics section act as a deterrent for diagnostic centers to enter the molecular diagnostics area. Add this to the fact that if the setup of the molecular lab is not properly executed, it will not only negatively impact the turnover and the reputation of the laboratory, but it can also lead to huge losses.

Along with the supplementary provision of high quality molecular products, PTG has introduced a new service to diagnostic centers that are willing to launch a molecular sector which includes extensive and up to date advisory services to interested centers in entering this field. These services include advising on the set up of a molecular section, including advice on allocating necessary spaces, room and related floor plants, consulting services on the supply and procurement of necessary equipment, and provision of materials, supplies and chattels necessary for setting up and running the molecular section as well as providing training services for the labs personnel.

Our advisers will help you to:

  • Implement the highest standards relating to running and setting up a molecular section and doing so by utilizing the minimal amount of space
  • Procure the necessary equipment at minimum cost
  • Find the most suitable highest quality materials and consumables
  • identify the best and most practical diagnostic kits