CAPP is a privately owned manufacturing company that enjoys the reputation of a dependable supplier of liquid handling products all across the world due to its strong focus on providing innovative and user friendly global standard premium liquid handling equipment. CAPP laboratory equipment is outstanding in terms of innovation, ergonomy, design and functionality, providing worldwide users efficiency and comfort in their daily work.

Covering three product groups: Pipetting, Consumables and Benchtop Instruments, CAPP laboratory equipment offers you a total solution for your lab needs. CAPP is an ISO 9001 certified company with a state of the art production facility located in Germany.

CAPP stands synonymous to the word “innovation” in the Pipette Industry. Every decade has seen CAPP contributing towards the expedition of innovation in the Laboratory world by offering products with advanced designs to increase efficiency at Laboratory workflow.

The history of CAPP dates back to year 1984 in the University of Southern Denmark in Odense when Jørgen Cappelen; the founder developed the first fully autoclavable pipette for the lab technicians at that University. Little did he know that this milestone in history will mark the beginning of Cappelen Laboratory Technics, registered as CAPP ApS.

The 1990s saw CAPP expanding its distributorship boundaries to Canada, UK and Holland. Also, it is in this era that CAPP started slowly to move over from manual construction of each individual component to CNC machinery and injection molding. In 1997, CAPP introduced its CAPPAero product line – a cutting edge pipette with innovative design and ergonomics features including detachable counter mechanism, allowing users to transform their pipettes from variable to fixed pipette by just getting the volume knob replaced.

The 2000s saw CAPP spear heading the pipette market as the Only Pipette manufacturing company that offers 48 & 64 multichannel mechanical pipettes. These are used to transfer liquids from reservoir and 384 deep-well plates into 384 well test plates, offering apparent advantages in PCR, qPCR and microarray techniques.

Also CAPP has designed a special pipette for every need. The CAPP Microbiology Pipette is specifically designed for microbiology tests in the food industry but is suitable for other applications. CAPPTrio consists of a set of 3 fixed volume knobs and 1 pipette, which are ideal for precise routine work.

The early 2010s was dedicated towards extensive research and development of New breakthrough products for the decade and year 2013 marks the launch of a NEW pipette series ‘CAPPBravo’, NEW pipette controller ‘CAPPTempo’ and CAPPMaestro; the revolution in Electronic pipette domain along with a complementary product line, the CAPPRondo Benchtop Instruments.

These series of product additions resulted in the proliferation of CAPP business in more than 80 countries. Today, apart from its headquarter in Germany, CAPP supports its distributors with representative sales and service offices in USA, Brazil, China and India.


The construction of each CAPP pipette has a shared story; a tale of artistry of the hands which gave it a shape, of careful material selection, of dedicated care and patience. Each pipette is individually produced and tested by a highly skilled master.

Our motto is to continue to deliver a full line of liquid measurement instruments of the same robust design and highest standard of precision that has made CAPP pipettes the instrument of choice in many critical laboratories worldwide.