Immundiagnostik AG was founded by Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster in 1986 and is now an internationally active diagnostics company with representatives in over 70 countries. The focus of our work is the development and production of innovative immunoassays, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, PCR and other analytical detection methods for medical routine and research.

As a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostics, they subject the Medical Devices Act and Directive 98/79 / EC on in-vitro diagnostics. Immundiagnostik quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485. The majority of their products are marketed with a CE mark after they have been tested in clinical and scientific practice as part of collaborations within their intensive academic network.

In addition to the constant quality control in this company, they regularly and successfully take part in voluntary external quality controls, such as the proficiency testing of INSTAND e.V. Customers, have always had great success with these products when they participate in these independent quality controls, too.

This quality creates trust and has formed the basis of Immundiagnoatik company’s success for over 30 years.

To obtain the most optimal performance and excellent results for our customers, PTG has been continuously working on supplying Immundiagnositk’s products. PTG, therefore, invites you to explore the product range of Immundiagnoatik and discover a better way to source your laboratory diagnostic kits.

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