Pars Tech Gene (PTG) Company was incorporated in 2013 with the aim of obtaining representative rights from reputable companies around the world in order to supply the needs of diagnostic and research centers up to date and in line with advancements made in science and technology in the various technical and specialized fields of medical laboratory materials and equipment in today’s post-industrial era. PTG at present has the honor of obtaining several representation rights from reputable companies in the world and by hiring specialized and experienced technical staff in the field of laboratory and medical equipment, we strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of services in the field of supply, sales, setup and after-sales service of all materials, equipment and laboratory devices.

By providing accurate, technical advice, comprehensive information and relying and benefiting from years of experience of our staff, PTG will guide you in choosing the most suitable and high quality equipment materials, equipment and laboratory devices. We are proud that over the years, PTG has been able to excel among diagnostic, research and even industrial centers and establish ourselves as a reliable and reputable supplier of materials, equipment and laboratory devices. We owe our success to providing the best quality services, adhering to international standards, expanding facilities and employing specialized and experienced personnel, and above all, paying special attention to the needs and satisfaction of our consumers in all aspects of the operations.

With the benefit of expert and experienced staff, utilizing scientific and technical support of from specialists in universities and research centers, complete mastery of laboratory standards, as well as creating five departments relating to commerce, consulting, sales, technical and after-sales service and public relations, we strive to meet the needs of our valued consumers in the molecular section of their laboratories with the aim of improving their quality of services. The functions and introduction of these various departments of PTG and the services offered are set out below:

Department of Commerce

PTG has been able to import products with confidence and expeditiously by obtaining official and exclusive representations from reputable companies in the field of medical diagnostics. We execute importation procedures in adherence to the highest standard and administrative requirements of regulators and in accordance with ISO international standards. In addition PTG has acquired all necessary permits from both the MOH and Customs relating to importation, customs clearance and storage facilities relating to materials, equipment and laboratory devices and is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, by obtaining the necessary permits and close supervision of the Department of Treatment in particular the Medical Education and Department of Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health, the quality of materials supplied adherence to the highest regulator standards are also guaranteed and approved.

The above naturally leads to accuracy, efficiency and on time delivery of high quality goods to our valued customers in accordance with their request and expectations.

Consultancy Department

The mission and primary objective of the Consultancy Department is to provide the most comprehensive and up to date technical information and consultation to our customers relating to setting up laboratories and supply of equipment and materials thereafter which is tailored to their needs. Our colleagues in this section will be by your side throughout the entire process and will guide you in making the best decisions (according to the needs and conditions of the laboratory) in relation to setup, work flows and the purchase of materials and equipment.

Sales Department

Supervising the full and accurate implementation of the policies set out by the company’s consulting department, as well as presenting, advertising and marketing the company’s product portfolio, responding and following up correctly all the demands of our valued customers are some of the key duties of this department. By seeking the assistance and advice of our specialized and experienced personnel, PTG has been able to provide for and facilitate the customers’ needs and purchases in an appropriate, satisfactory and professional manner.

Technical and After-sales Services Department

By relying on their scientific and practical experiences, the personnel of the technical department, by performing their after-sales service functions, seek to achieve the full satisfaction and ensure positive experiences of our esteemed customers. Vital and effective follow-ups of our technical department to ensure complete installation, commissioning and complete training of using the systems is also being executed on a regular basis by this department. Our colleagues in this department will help you to achieve the optimal results and resolve any possible problems with ease.

Public relations Department

The management and staff of PTG strive to contribute to the promotion of community health by introducing the latest technologies in order to achieve accurate and effective diagnosis of various diseases. Therefore, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we consider it our duty to assist and keep the centers informed the latest developments in their respective fields of operations. Hosting and sponsoring conferences and seminars in order to inform, educate and introduce new diagnostic systems to physicians and respected specialists, as well as providing appropriate scientific materials for patience referred to diagnostic centers and recipients of these services in order to raise public knowledge and awareness, are only a few ways PTG achieve such objectives. Also, in order to improve and update the laboratory specialists knowledge, several workshops approaching various topics are held periodically so that the laboratory community, whom are the flag bearers of diagnosing and monitoring the health of the community, are ready to provide services at the highest standard.


we hope that by observing the above, Pars Tech Gene can satisfy the need of diagnostic centers, universities, research institutes and research centers adequately, by providing the best type of products and quality of services available in the industry, as a corner stone for continuous and committed cooperation. It is our ambition to take step and measures towards effective research and diagnosis of various diseases and in turn promote community health. In order to advance and achieve ours goals and objectives, we realize that achieving this end will require a collective effort by the industry in conjunction with the opinions and consultation of respected professors, colleagues and our friends in their respective fields and to date we have been able to bring these groups together to achieve our mission. We hope that utilizing our key assets and strengths in addition to representation of various and reputable companies around the world, we can take effective steps towards the enhancement of research and diagnosis centers in the country.


It is our vision to work with our global partners to eventually localize these advanced technologies and equipment’s so that our customers can benefit from such technologies and equipment’s at the lowest cost possible at the highest quality. PTG also intends to fully meet all the needs of the centers and laboratories by expanding our range of services and products into various diagnostic fields. It is only then that the centers and laboratories will be able to enjoy the best products and services with the best conditions, quality and prices, which are effective step towards improving the quality and price of service which in turn will improve the level of public health.