One of the many competitive edges of Pars Tech Gene is its after-sales service. This is due to the fact that in many cases, laboratories in Iran do not receive any services after buying a product and if they need help or encounter a problem, no one will be available to offer them assistance.

Pars Tech Gene, with the aim of optimizing its customer experience, has put a significant emphasis on after-sales service and its experienced technical staff provides such services completely free of charge.

Set Up and Training

For each product sold, in particular kits and reagents, the company has offers a free in-person training program for customers across the country by our experienced technical staff. As a result, the laboratory personnel may benefit from the presence of the company’s experienced technical staff and where necessary receive training in order to achieve the optimal results and experience from their purchases. Our experienced technical staff will theoretically and practically teach the principles and methods of using the products, testing and interpreting the results to the supervisor of the laboratory, and their selected personnel will perform the tests under their supervision.

Molecular section site visit and inspection

At the beginning of the training process, Pars Tech Gene experienced technical staff will visit the molecular section of the laboratory and provided the necessary recommendations regarding the testing process from various aspects, enabling the laboratory will be able to make corrections if necessary and in so doing, dramatically increase the quality of results and their productivity.


The scope of PTG services is not limited to training and setups; After initial training, if there is any problem with any testing process or it is not possible to analyze and interpret the results, our experts from technical department will address the issue via phone call and if necessary, in person and free of charge, and provide guidance on how to resolve problems and obtain acceptable results.

Providing files and Manuals

Another service provided Pars Tech Gene to its customers free of charge, is providing various manuals and guidelines in the field of molecular diagnostics. Laboratories can access SOPs (standard operating procedures) in various stages of the processes. Even in certain cases, the requested SOPs will be prepared for our customers in order to execute the process a correct and standard way.


Pars Tech Gene periodically hosts various workshops on current trends and topics relating with the aim of keeping its customers up to date and improving the scientific level the industry. By participating in these workshops, people can increase their level of scientific and practical knowledge and be informed and up-to-date with the changes in their industry as the world progresses. They can also raise their issues, problems and share their experiences so that by sharing them, other colleagues in their industry can also take advantage of their experiences and utilize them in their processes.