PTG takes great pride in the fact that it has been able to demonstrate an exceptional performance in a short period of time and in order to be amongst the most reputable and committed companies in its field of activities. We owe our success to several key factors:


Uneducated efforts in expanding services and products portfolio in all areas may lead to reduction in the quality and level of performance, which will inevitably result in lower customers’ satisfaction. PTG has always strived to substantially increase the quality of its products and services by concentrating its activities and focusing on executing a well-planned and clear expansion plan.



Having technical knowledge in different sectors is one of the main pillars of good practice in a company. PTG focus on employing specialized staff which have best technical knowledge and experience in their field of expertise in order to guarantee its quality of services.


In all sectors and fields, the company has benefited from specialized personnel, which has enabled its excellent performance in all aspects from Trade and IT to sales and services.


Experience is one of the key factors in providing high-level services in addition to technical knowledge. PTG with over 40 years of combined professional and specialized experience of its personnel has been able to effectively overcome all obstacles and problems in order to succeed.



PTG is the commitment to addressing customer inquiries until they are fully satisfied. As a result Pars Tech Gene manages its after-sales service and customer support independently and professionally in line with its motto “together with the customer in all stages”.


Extent of Services

Taking into account the needs and demands of our customers, PTG strives to take steps to complete its range of services and products, starting from set up advice all the way to procurement of materials. As a result, our customers experience the comfort and ease of access to all services at all stages.


Cutting Edge Technologies

Over time, the need of diagnostics service providers will change, and with the emergence of new technologies in the world, the pattern of testing and services will also be revolutionized. As a result, PTG is always looking for the latest products and companies with innovative technologies that can meet the needs and expectations of customers in keeping with the advancement of science in diagnostic areas.



In order to provide the best products and services, PTG has always been looking for new ways to deliver its services. One of many initiatives in launch of our online shop and product sales app to facilitate customer service and customer purchases; this website brings assists customers with its powerful CRM core and allows them to manage their stock and purchases made from PTG. By utilizing such web based services our customer can control and regulate the amount of consumption and inventory at their fingertips.