One of the most important and decisive points in choosing a product is the support and guidance that comes with that particular product. With the aim of experienced and knowledgeable consultants, a smart and accurate choice can be made.

Pars Tech Gene takes pride in the fact that even before any purchase is made it is at the laboratories side from the beginning of the route and accompanies them in all stages where the product is utilized. Finding the right product for a laboratory can be a daunting task in many cases. However, thanks to the wide range of products that have been made available by Pars Tech Gene, it is possible to meet most of the day to day needs of the laboratories with ease. Our experienced staff will help you find the products that suit your needs so that you can get the most out of the selected product at the lowest cost possible. In many cases, we would be happy to assist you choose the right products from other brands and companies.

Proper performance of molecular tests depends on several factors. From the space allocated for this section to the appropriate equipment for performing tests and materials and reagents for extraction and PCR. Even seemingly minor items, including consumables, can have a enormous impact on test results in this area. Pars Tech Gene consultants are ready to help you so that you can take the right step in setting up and managing your molecular section and we do so in a professional manner.